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Miami Scalp & Facial Micropigmentation


Using SMP technology creates the illusion of a head full of hair! This non-surgical, medical-grade cosmetic tattoo is safe and effective!



Beard micropigmentation, also called facial micropigmentation, is a procedure very similar to scalp micropigmentation with the only difference being the area that is treated. Facial micropigmentation is an ideal solution for men who struggle with growing or have patchy facial hair.


Book your SMP appointment to get immediate and long-lasting results without any pain.


We offer the only 100% effective hair loss treatment.

One of Miami’s Top SMP Artists

We offer immediate results

Master barber with over 15 years experience


Kevin Rodriguez has taken his barber skills and combined them with the skills he’s acquired as a tattoo artist for over 2 years to the field of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), giving those individuals that once couldn’t add style to their head an alternative in the form of a hair tattoo.

Advantages of Scalp or Facial Micropigmentation:

BEFORE: Shows pattern baldness and a patchy hairline

AFTER: Crisp hairline, natural clean and fresh look

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